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What to Expect at Initial, Subsequent,
and Re-evaluation Visits

New Patient Initial Visit

Detailed history and thorough examination.

On your first visit at Lava Canyon Chiropractic, Dr. Kali will go over a detailed history with you on the area of complaint in order to get a better understanding of the possibilities that could be causing you pain and decrease of motion. Then Dr. Kali will do a thorough examination of the area and possible areas that could be contributing to the area of complaint. This will help provide a better understanding of what is going on and how to best proceed with a tailored treatment plan to help restore motion and decrease of pain. Then after given consent of treatment, Dr. Kali will provide a mini percussive massage to relax the muscles surrounding the spine and pelvis before proceeding into the chiropractic adjustments that consist of full spine and extremities. After the adjustments, if necessary and desired, Dr. Kali provides soft tissue therapy to the area of complaint by first using an instrument tool to help break up any previous scar adhesions that have been inhibiting the muscles to move correctly as well as cupping to promote blood flow back to the area while smoothing out the muscle with movement, and then lastly applying Kinesiotape to the area to prolong and promote healing while you are out doing the things you love until your next subsequent visit.

Subsequent & Re-evaluation Visits

Phases of care

At your initial visit, a treatment plan that is tailored to your care will be given that will take you through the phases of care in order to get you from pain relief to wellness care. It is important to continue care until you have reached wellness as your body takes time to heal and move into a new improved bio-mechanical space that will be different from when you initially came in with. There are three phases that we will discuss at your initial visit and the duration of each. 

Each visit will be different depending on the care you will need. Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities will be provided as well as any soft tissue therapies if desired. At home exercises will also be given to help continue the healing process while you are in care and between visits. This helps maintain and prevent injuries. 

Re-evaluations will be provided initially after six weeks to get through the first two phases of care and then once a month until the last phase, wellness care, is achieved. The re-evaluations are necessary in order to provide information to know if chiropractic care is helping and to see if you are improving with the treatment plan given. It is a great check point to make sure you are on the right path to healing and if we need to re-tailor a different plan, or refer out. 

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